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Versatility of the Engineering Field

Empowering Women in Industry
Eweek 2021 Engineering Field

Versatility of the Engineering Field

It’s Engineering Week! A week every year that is devoted to promoting the field of engineering and putting spotlights on those in the field and inspire new generations to come. Engineering has been around since ancient times but a lot has changed since then! One of the things that are so incredible about the field of engineering is just how versatile it is. With so many different areas available, we thought we would take this week to show you all of the different types of engineering options out there and put a little spotlight on those in our Empowering community that you can connect with and learn from!

Aerospace Engineering

Meet Trey Walters, P.E. He used to be a rocket engineer…yes, you heard that right! Trey fell in love with fluid mechanics as a 3rd year engineering student. He spent seven years in the aerospace and power industries working on fluid systems and went on to start his own business, Applied Flow Technology. Read his story, here: //

Agricultural & Biosystems

Meet Kevin Simon, Ph.D. Kevin is a research engineer for Watts Water Technologies. While working on a class project in graduate school, he was tasked with sizing a solar pump system for using drip irrigation in small plot farms in India. This led to Khethworks, a solar irrigation startup that Kevin Co-Founded, with the goal to develop a high efficiency, low-cost solar pump to help small-plot farmers irrigate year-round, enabling them to have more control over their livelihoods. Read his story, here: //

Chemical Engineering

Meet Adriana Montaño. Adriana is a Chemical Engineer that found her place in the industry in International Sales for a Pump Manufacturer. She shares with us that she enjoys what she does but what she loves the most is to learn something new every day and to help people at the same time! Read her story, here: //

Civil Engineering

Meet Maria Elena Rodriguez Hernandez. Elena is the Director of Special Projects at Indar (Grupo Ingeteam), with 20 years of experience in the field of Water Engineering. Based in Spain, this Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Civil Engineer has some amazing stories to share! Read her story, here:

Computer Engineering

Meet Nandini Easwar. Nandini is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Speakfully, and she focuses on solving workplace culture and mistreatment issues by building a modern, action-driven software product. She is also the 2020 Empowering Women in Industry winner for Engineer of the Year! You can learn more about Nandini and the other Empowering Women award winners, here:

Electrical Engineering

Meet Scott Lang, EIT. Scott is an Engineering Software Developer with Applied Flow Technology. His interest in network-like systems began at the Colorado School of Mines when he was studying power distribution for the Electrical part of his Mechanical/Electrical degree. Read his story, here: //

Environmental Engineering

Meet Sarah Wohlfahrt. Sarah is a water Engineer that has always had an interest in protecting and working with our environment. This is what inspired her in her studies in environmental resources engineering and then into her profession as a water engineer. Read her story, here: //

Industrial Engineering

Meet Gakuo Ndonga. Gakuo is an Application Engineering Expert at SKF Group. He supports his colleagues and customers with bearing and lubrication expertise for pump applications by combining his previous experiences specifying and designing pump systems with the application of bearings in pump designs. Read his story, here: //

Manufacturing Engineering

Meet Ricky Ng. Ricky is a Manufacturing Engineer for ABB raybet and Mechanical Inc. His first dip into the industry was an internship in an aluminum rolling plant. During that period, he developed an interest in manufacturing and wanted to learn more about different aspects of manufacturing. Read his story, here: //

Materials Science

Meet Amanda Nummy. Amanda is a senior engineer with eight years of experience in the automotive and fuel cell industries, most notably, she has led the development of sustainable coating technology to replace paint, publishing an international paper and giving two presentations at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress. She is also the 2020 Empowering Women in Industry winner for Innovator of the Year! You can learn more about Amanda and the other Empowering Women award winners, here:

Manufacturing Engineering

Meet Gurpreet Singh. Sunny (his nickname which perfectly fits his personality!) is a Mechanical Engineer in the field of Water Pumps. He says that he always feels excited about innovation in the industry – IoT and Automation help to obtain real-time data, and while there is still so much more technology in our field to explore, he believes that our industry should focus more on clean and renewable energy sources. Read his story, here: //

Nuclear Engineering

Meet Ron Frisard. Ron is the Global Field Product Manager and Technical Trainer at A. W. Chesterton Company. When he was in college, Ron worked at GE’s famous Gear plant in Lynn, Massachusetts, who made the large drive shaft gears for Naval ship propulsion going back before WWII. With past experience with the US Navy and shipbuilders, he went to work for the largest shipbuilder in the world: Newport News in Virginia at his old department of E64 – New Aircraft Carrier Construction group. Read his story, here: //

Petroleum Engineering

Meet Samantha Moore. Samantha is a Petrochemical Consulting Engineer with Bryan Research & Engineering, LLC. Growing up in South Texas on the gulf, where refineries, chemical plants, and pump jacks were never out of sight, she knew it was something that she wanted to be a part of. Especially after a high school field trip to a chemical plant! Read her story, here:

As always, a huge shout out to for providing us with the best resources to celebrate #eWeek! And an even bigger shout-out to the amazing engineers in our industry! You are so important and we are thankful to have such talented, inspiring people like YOU to put a spotlight on.

Know more awesome people in our Industry? Nominate them for our Industry Person of the Week!

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