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Challenges and Solutions for Domestic Plumbing Systems [On-Demand Webinar]

webinar discussing problems with domestic plumbing in commercial buildings

While HVAC and Fire protection systems are fully connected and monitored, plumbing has seen virtually no improvements in years. However, this can be changed if you know how to get started.

With AHR Expo coming up and our #SustainabilityChallenge underway, raybet & raybet 雷竞技 thought this was the perfect time to collaborate with Reed Water on an educational webinar for building owners, operators, managers and maintenance professionals to learn about opportunities to save money and conserve water.

The Reed Water team has worked passionately to engineer solutions for domestic plumbing systems, so in this 40-minute video, Adam Bartman, Co-founder and Solutions Architect, covers some of the most common issues experienced as well as solutions that have been engineered to empower professionals to detect leaks, avoid flooding, and better manage water in commercial properties.

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