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    GH Series End Suction Centrifugal Pump from Carver Pump (DNV GL & ABS Certified)


    Horizontal end-suction pump for handling water, oils and chemicals in marine, process and general industrial applications. Hydraulic performance extends to 2,500 GPM and is covered by 28 sizes.

    Available as either a frame-mounted (GHF) or close-coupled (GHC) unit, the GH is based on the same product platform as our vertical pumps and shares many of the same parts.

    For added simplicity, the entire series is covered by only three bearing frames and comes in whole pump or modular kit form. The GHC is fully compatible with standard, off-the-shelf NEMA JP frame motors, and all models feature a back pull-out design and casings rotatable in 90° increments for different field piping orientations.

    Other common features for the GH include 316 SS shaft sleeves, keyed impellers to prevent accidental spin off, dynamic balancing to ISO G2.5 guidelines, and regreasable bearings secured with locking rings, as standard. These features combine to produce shaft deflection values so low that they exceed the requirements of ANSI B73.1M-1991 and overall, provide some of the most efficient hydraulics in the industry.

    Common options for the GH include replaceable wear rings, cartridge seals, and flush plans. Along with these, higher alloy material options such as Ni-Al-Br and CD4MCuN and a full range of motor and baseplate choices are also available.


    • FLOWS TO 2,500 US GPM (570 m3/hr)
    • HEADS TO 520 FT. (160 m)
    • SOLIDS TO 1.250″ (32 mm)
    • POWER TO 150 HP / 110 KW
    • SPEED UP TO 3,550 RPM
    Product by: Carver Pump