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AFT Fathom

Incompressible Pipe Flow Analysis & System Modeling Software

AFT Fathom is fluid dynamic simulation software for engineers, used to calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in liquid and low velocity gas piping and ducting systems.

Designed for fluid systems containing:

  • Water
  • Petroleum and refined products
  • Chemical products
  • Cryogens
  • Refrigerants
  • Low velocity gases
  • And more

Pipe SizingAFT Fathom is particularly useful for:

  • Pump sizing and Selection
  • Control Valve sizing and Selection
  • Simulating System operation and component interaction
  • Evaluating heat transfer in pipes and heat exchangers
  • Troubleshooting existing systems to determine the cause of operational problems

Evaluate New Designs and Improve Your Installed Systems

AFT Fathom…

  • Accurately simulates individual system components and their interaction
  • Tightly integrates equipment characteristics, analysis and output with your system’s schematic representation
  • Provides a wide array of features without sacrificing your need for a short learning curve
  • Frees you to focus on your system, not the mechanics of software manipulation
  • Significantly improves the quality of systems engineering you can achieve, leading to less costly, more efficient and more reliable piping systems


  • Advanced hydraulic solver using Newton-Raphson matrix methods
  • Detailed modeling for centrifugal and positive displacement pumps
    • NPSH evaluation
    • Variable speed pumping
    • Impeller trimming
    • Viscosity corrections using standards from the Hydraulic Institute
    • Wire-to-water efficiency calculation including pump, motor and variable frequency drive efficiencies
    • Power usage and motor sizing
    • Energy cost calculation
  • Scenario Manager to track all design variants and operational possibilities in a single model file with data linkage
  • Integrated graphing and reporting
  • Pump vs. system curve generation including individual head curves and composite efficiency
  • Conduct thermal analysis including piping heat transfer and heat exchanger modeling
  • Calculate the costs of pipes and other components
  • Supports Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
  • Import GIS Shape files
  • Perform fire system analysis in accordance with NFPA and create NFPA specific reports
  • Address viscosity and frictional changes associated with pumping non-settling solids
  • Built-in library of fluids and fittings can be extended and customized
  • Optional Chempak add-on utility provides a thermophysical database of almost 700 fluids
  • Import piping layouts and dimensional data from GIS shapefiles,CAESAR II® Neutral files andPiping Component Files(*.pcf) fromAutoCAD Plant 3D®,SmartPlant®,CADWorx®and others.
  • EPANETimport / export Excel integration

AFT Fathom Add-On Modules

Building on the foremost modeling software for incompressible flow systems, the AFT Fathom add-on modules extend capabilities into these areas:

  • EXtendedTimeSimulation(XTS) – model dynamic system behavior
  • GoalSeek andControl(GSC) – automate the identification of input parameters that will yield desired output values and simulate control functions within systems
  • SettlingSlurry(SSL) – model the effects of pumping fluids containing settling solids

Modules can work individually or together within AFT Fathom and with your existing AFT Fathom models.

World Class Support

Your software license purchase includes 1 year of technical support provided by our team of professional engineers. More than software support, Applied Flow Technology provides the pipe flow analysis knowledge that comes with extensive real world experience.

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