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                raybet|raybet 雷竞技

                raybet|raybet 雷竞技

                IPOW Dylan Witte

                Industry Person of the Week- Dylan Witte

                Our Industry Person of the Week is Dylan Witte, P.E. Dylan is a Project Manager at Purple Mountain Technology Group. Q: How did you get started working in your field? […]

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                White Papers

                Carlsberg taps into process water reuse with onsite treatment

                Carlsberg brewery wants to cut its water use by 50% by 2030. The initiative, Zero Water Waste, is part of Carlsberg’s Together Towards Zero program.…

                Water and Wastewater Industry Checklist for Variable Speed Drives

                Resilience is the ability to cope with, and recover from, disruption and to anticipate trends and variability in order to maintain services for people and…

                Overcoming energy efficiency challenges in the water and wastewater industry

                Water demand is continuing to increase as the global population grows. Clean water is required by people for drinking, cooking, and washing, and by industrial…

                Always-on Steam Trap Monitoring Yields 2.9x Return & Reduction of CO2 Emissions [Case Study]

                In 2020, Trinity Manufacturing, a premier manufacturer of specialty agriculture and water treatment chemicals, engaged Everactive to help deliver on its safety, sustainability, and operational…

                On Demand Webinars

                CFturbo Hydraulic Design of Multistage Pumps (Part 3) - NPSHr Optimization

                Hydraulic Design of Multistage…

                Cavitation inside a pump impeller can occur if the suction pressure is insufficiently low. This can lead to additional noise, vibration, and mechanical damage. Modern…

                Altra Couplings 101

                Couplings 101: For General…

                John Smihal, elastomer coupling product manager at TB Wood’s, provides an overview of the different couplings typically used on general-purpose pump applications. The webinar is…

                Maintenance & Reliability Summit 2022 (1)

                Maintenance & Reliability Summit

                Our goal is to Connect, Inform, and Educate the pump & related equipment industries and with that mission in mind, we are back with another…

                CFturbo Hydraulic Designs of Multistage Pumps–Bowl Diffuser Optimization (1)

                Hydraulic Designs of Multistage…

                The new, streamlined workflow for Turbomachinery design, meshing, simulation, design exploration, and optimization using a bi-directional integration of CFturbo into ANSYS Workbench is applied for…

                Industry Events

                IFAT 2022

                IFAT 2022

                May 30 -The IFAT in Munich is the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw…

                GFCIs and Drives and getting them…

                ABB GFCIs and Drives and getting them to work together

                June 07 -In this episode of ABB's Tech Tuesday webinar series, discover how new safety requirements for GFCIs…

                AFT Fathom™ Incompressible flow system modeling…

                AFT Fathom 2022 Training Seminars

                June 13 -Learn how to efficiently utilize flow analysis software to design safe, reliable, and optimized piping and…

                AFT Arrow Compressible flow system modeling…

                AFT Arrow 2022 Training Seminars

                June 15 -Learn how to efficiently utilize flow analysis software to design safe, reliable, and optimized piping and…

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