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Oil in your water?

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Contributor: Iwaki America

Oil in your water can wreak havoc in your system or draw the attention of local agencies when you are discharging to a municipality.  Walchem has new Fluorometer’s, both inline and handheld, that detect oil in water using an LED sourced UV-fluorescence method.

First, what is a Fluorometer? A fluorometer is a device that measures the fluorescence (or light) by different fluorescing objects.

This new sensing technology is ideal for:

  • Heat exchanger leak detection
  • Oil tank leak detection
  • Intake water monitoring (UF & RO Feedwater)
  • Reinjection water monitoring
  • Industrial wastewater monitoring
  • Marine discharge monitoring
  • Plant runoff/stormwater monitoring

Learn more about Pyxis Fluorometer’s or contact Walchem at 508-429-1110 for more information.

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