Bob Latino

Root Cause Analysis

Cam Mackey

MAPI Business

Carter A. Matthews

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Charles Kolstad

raybet 雷竞技 , Pneumatics, & Fluid Control

Charli K. Matthews

Empowering Connections

Doug Bartholomew

Portable Pump Solutions

Gail Petersen, CRL

Asset Management

Heinz P. Bloch, P.E.

Oil & Gas, Rotating raybet 雷竞技

Henri Azibert

Design Engineering, Engineering Management, Industry Standards

Jack Creamer

Pumping raybet 雷竞技 Specialist

Jim Cahill

Subject Matter Expert Brand Builder, Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

Kamran Mirza

Engineering and Business Development

Kristin Graybill

Vice President of Communications, Marketing & Sales with Expertise in Corporate Affairs, Growth & Innovation, Customer Experience, Marketing, Strategic Planning

Maria Elena Rodriguez Hernandez

Engineering, Turbomachinery and Hydraulics, Water Sector

Randal Ferman


Robert Perez

Rotating raybet 雷竞技

Stan Riddle

Machinist and Millwright

Steve Chwyl

Mechanical Specialist - Pumps & raybet 雷竞技 [Canada]

Steve Hernandez

Water Sector

William C. Livoti

Power Generation Specialist