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Industry Person of the Week – Justin Hood, P.E.

Justin Hood, Professional Engineer

Our Industry Person of the Week is Justin Hood, a Professional Engineer with DXPE, working out of Longview, Texas. Here’s what he had to share:

“Like a lot of people, you find your way into a field just by chance. I went to school for mechanical engineering, got my PE license, did a couple co-ops in aeronautical engineering and HVAC working at TRANE making residential air compressors. Then I graduated and looked for something relatively local. I grew up in Texas and found my way to DXPE. I’ve been with DXPE for about ten years now, having started in application engineering, then moved into sales a few years ago after I earned my MBA.

Engineering is about problem-solving, but business is about people and relationships. I enjoy being a technical salesmen that calls on refineries, power plants, chemical plants, etc. On a daily basis, I get phone calls from people who need help solving problems – whether its a pump pulling high amps or high vibration on a compressor, whatever is, I help them solve it. In other cases, I work with engineering firms. We discuss applications and talk about the best ways to build internal processes – especially dealing with the skills gap and ensuring quality across the range of talent.

I’m really excited about a new concept I’ve come up with for a Cartridge Dynamic Seal – a concept in which I have filed for a patent and international Patent Cooperation Treaty, which will recognize that I am the originator of the concept. I’m currently working on talking with different manufacturers about it, but we’ll save this story for later.”

Thank you, Justin! We look forward to keeping up with you through the #PumpTalk Community!

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