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Overcome the drawbacks of traditional wet wells


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Grease, fibrous materials, “flushables” and other solids continue to plague the operational efficiency of a traditional wet well.  A technology dating back to the early 1930s, this process enables the collection of materials to potentially clog the impellers. Not only is there a risk of damage to the impellers, equipment, and structures, they may erode from the build-up of abrasive materials and acidic and caustic solutions – All leading to premature wear, pump failures, and extensive maintenance and replacement costs.

Unlike traditional wet wells and lift stations. OverWatch™ enables materials to easily move through the system with minimal need to replace, repair or maintain your system.   Over-Watch™ constantly watches over the pumping units to determine if there is a clog. Should one be detected, the unit will reverse itself to clear. This is especially effective when combined with the patented impeller which exposes razor sharp teeth to shred any rags or wipes which may have caused the clog. 

Industrial Flow Solutions OWvTraditionalIn addition, the elimination of a traditional wet well prevents hazards associated with traditional wet wells. Build up of gases such as hydrogen sulfide and me-thane directly impact the environment, the health of those exposed, and presents a possible danger of explosion when combined with a source of ignition.  

Designed with the only patented system to lift effluent directly at the point of entry, without water loading or a wet well, OverWatch™ prevails over the drawbacks of retained volumes of effluent, including the exposure to dangerous gases and smells and safety risks for operating personnel. 

With more than 2,000 systems installed globally, OverWatch offers a high level of monitoring and control – keeping a careful watch on your system, so you don’t have to.

Obliterate Flushable Wipes and Solids with RAD-AX® Submersible Pump Technology


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