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Grundfos adds the CR 255 pump to recent releases, completing the range of extra-large CR pumps

Grundfos adds the CR 255 pump to recent releases, completing the range of extra-large CR pumps (1)

Grundfos adds the CR 255 pump to recent releases, completing the range of extra-large CR pumps

By: Grundfos

Following the earlier introduction of the CR 185 and CR 215 pumps, Grundfos has now added the impressive new CR 255 pump, with flow range capacities up to 240 m 3 /h, 280m 3 /h, and 320m 3 /h respectively.

Bjerringbro, Denmark, November 08, 2021: Grundfos continues to move the boundaries of what’s possible with the CR 255, a strong addition to the world’s most modular pump range. The new hydraulic design improves everything from impeller and guide vanes to inlet, discharge port, sleeve, and diffuser, taking current energy efficiency and performance standards for vertical multi-stage in-line pumps to the next level.

Greater reliability and lower operating costs

The new CR range delivers world class reliability, with pumps that are tested to the absolute limits and beyond to offer optimized operating economy via enhanced hydraulic efficiency, reduced downtime and lower operating costs. To ensure maximum efficiency, the hydraulic design of the new CR range has been optimized to move liquids with as little friction and turbulence as possible.

The shaft seal of the Grundfos CR pumps is developed in-house and is available in various material combinations to suit different liquid, pressure, and temperature requirements. Thanks to its balanced design, the CR seal can withstand a great amount of pressure and can expect a longer service life compared to other large pumps. The pumps also are designed to reduce the risk of cavitation and increase the robustness and life cycle of the pump.

Grundfos adds the CR 255 pump to recent releases, completing the range of extra-large CR pumps

State-of-the-art design tools and testing

Grundfos uses state of the art tools to design its CR pumps, including computer simulations of pump operating conditions to verify and validate pump components. Following additional simulation and physical testing of the assembled pump, extensive field testing is used to test the new CR range in real live operating environments.

Every single CR pump that leaves the factory is individually tested and verified before being shipped. This means that Grundfos can guarantee that all pumps perform according to specifications and deliver the reliability and performance required.

A CR pump for every application

CR pumps are ideal for water supply, water treatment and almost any industrial solution. The modular approach of the new CR range means that every part of the pump can be tailored to requirements.

The CR pump range provides literally millions of solutions to fit to almost any application need:

  • High pressure applications including filtration, reverse osmosis, steam boiler feed, washing and cleaning, and industrial processes
  • Hot liquid applications including steam boiler feed, washing and cleaning, mineral oils, industrial processes, and chemical industries
  • Difficult liquid applications including in chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, petrochemical industries, refineries, distilling plants, and the paint industry
  • Temperature control applications including temperature control systems for electronic data processing, casting and moulding tools, laser equipment, oil processing, medical equipment, chemical processes, and industrial cooling and freezing processes
  • Applications for special installations that require a different pump design including shipping, mobile applications, firefighting, installations in earthquake-prone areas or remote areas, deep-well pumping, and installations with limited space

“The Grundfos CR range has always been characterised by its great customisability,” says Morten Gylling, Product Director – Multistage, Grundfos. “You can customise these pumps to virtually any application, with many hardware and control options to choose from. The pumps can be delivered with a range of certificates, and to round out our CR solutions, we offer value-added Service offerings that keep your system running in peak condition.”

The CR celebrates 50 years

This is an important year for the Grundfos CR world. In addition to launching the CR 255, Grundfos also celebrates the CR pump’s 50 th anniversary. Renowned in the industry, Grundfos’ range of CR pumps, first introduced in 1971, were the world’s first vertical multistage centrifugal in-line pumps.

“We are proud of the versatility we have achieved with the CR concept, and that roughly 3.5 million CR pumps serve Grundfos customers every day. Our many years of experience with the CR concept means we can design, test and manufacture pumps that provide unbeatable reliability, top performance and efficiency, and low lifecycle costs,” concludes Morten Gylling.

Grundfos adds the CR 255 pump to recent releases, completing the range of extra-large CR pumps (2)

Discover the CR worldhere. To ensure correct sizing of the CR pump for your application, use the sizing tool available on Grundfos Product Center,

About Grundfos:
We pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people. As a global pump and water solutions company we provide expertise in energy- and water-efficient solutions and systems for a wide range of applications, including water utility, water treatment, industries, and buildings.

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