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The Graphite Pressure Seal Advantage


The Graphite Pressure Seal Advantage

EGC Enterprise’s pressure sealed valves have been used for decades in steam service applications in power generation, refining, pulp and paper, and other process industries. Most people have always used metal pressure rings because they can be produced quickly and economically in your shop but there are some compelling reasons why the industry you’re in makes metal a thing of the past! With today’s energy demands and premium operating efficiency, plant equipment cycles much more frequently. Pressure seal valves that were designed to cycle only once or twice per year are now required to cycle multiple times each day. This high cycle action results in leaks due to wear between the metal seal and valve components and can cause galling or welding of the metal pressure ring to the valve body. Anyone who’s been in this business knows what it’s like to remove a metal pressure seal that has become one with the valve. It requires chisels, cutting torches and maybe even a come-along to remove it and it could take hours of your time and cause some serious damage to the valve. In short, it requires labor and time spent in efficiently. By replacing metal with graphite pressure seals the opposite occurs! First, it seals every time even in a valve that previously used a metal pressure ring. This is because the graphite is so resilient and rebounds with every pressure cycle. Better yet, it doesn’t fuse to the valve components so you’ll never use the cutting torch again. The graphite seal just lifts out and is ready for immediate replacement. Studies have shown time savings for valve repair can be up to 75% and since they are compressible and conformable, little or no machining is required for installation of a new graphite pressure seal. Independent testing has proven EGC’s graphite pressure seals can work in oversized, out-of-round and steam cut or pitted bonnet cavities without the need for welding, grinding, and refinishing. Conditions that if not repaired would cause metal seals to fail. raybet 雷竞技 which have been in high-temperature service for several years have most likely experienced dimensional changes due to pressure and temperature cycling, wear and tear, and prior valve repair activity. VSG Pro graphite pressure seals are engineered for each individual application allowing for direct replacement of metal gaskets and can be designed, manufactured, and shipped in 48 hours or less. This process is a team effort and it all begins with you! Our engineers need key dimensional and operating information from your valve to accurately design a worry-free graphite replacement that seals the first time and throughout every cycle. To quote our chief engineer, “you provide us application information and we give you sleep insurance.” But we also know that you’re usually under tight time constraints from your customer to complete the repair and bring the valve back online quickly. FastTrack is EGC’s rapid manufacturing process that lets us ship you a replacement graphite pressure seal in 48 hours or less once we’ve received your completed data sheet (remember this is a team effort). There’s also no tooling cost! EGC graphite pressure seals reduce your valve repair labor time and cost, they seal better than metal, and easily conform to the valve to provide worry-free service. EGC’s VSG Pro is available with 48 hour standard lead time and can be expedited for 24 hour or same-day service and the pro is cost-competitive with producing your own metal rings.

Contact EGC for your next replacement graphite pressure seal today or learn more from the rest of our Graphite Pressure Seal videos!

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