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EGC Enterprises joins the Gasket Fabricators Association as a supplier and manufacturer of custom sealing materials and products

EGC joins the Gasket Fabricators Association

Contributor: EGC Enterprises

EGC Enterprises, an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in flexible graphite sealing, has recently been approved by the board of directors as a member of the Gasket Fabricators Association (GFA). For gasket fabricators, both large and small, EGC brings expertise in flexible graphite raw materials, including rolls, sheets and laminates.

“We know that gasket fabricators source raw materials from a wide variety of suppliers,” says John Popovich, Vice President of EGC. “Often times, those materials are special in nature – precisely in terms of thickness, density, grade and final configuration. This is where EGC shines. In addition to common thicknesses and densities, we offer an extensive inventory of special flexible graphite grades from which we can supply both raw material and custom products to the market. We can also combine the graphite with various metal foil, tang materials and various plastics, such as PTFE, to create custom solutions. Our true focus is to help our customers with high quality solutions for their sealing requirements, and collaboratively, we can engineer and manufacture the best product for their needs.”

According to Brian Biller, Chief Engineer for EGC, “We’re an authorized manufacturer of NeoGraf (formerly Graftech) laminates; and we stock metal foils and many grades and thicknesses of NeoGraf products. We also offer an extensive line of EGC branded Thermafoil® products for quick turn and economical options. If you need a standard or non-standard laminate of specific thickness and density, EGC can provide you with what you need. In addition, we can also fabricate gaskets, cutting parts using a variety of tooling types and dieless cutting methods.”

One of the key services EGC brings to the GFA is our ability to produce both small and large laminates, using our in-house vacuum presses. We can supply laminates to be cut by GFA members, and can also fabricate finished gaskets, using manual and automated presses with steel rule dies, machined dies, chem-etched dies, and custom punches as required.

Dieless and waterjet cutting services are also available for jobs that require quick turnaround, without the added cost of custom tooling. According to Biller, “most other water-jet facilities are not as familiar with cutting flexible graphite parts. At EGC, we’re familiar with efficiently cutting laminates in a wide variety of ways, adding value to GFA members that may not have the equipment to do so.” EGC is a world class engineering and manufacturing enterprise creating high- temperature sealing solutions for the fluid sealing, transportation, aerospace, oil and gas and petro-chem markets. Contact us with your requirements, and together we can solve the toughest sealing challenges.

For additional information call 440.285.5835 or visit our website at www.egcgraphite.com.

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