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The Importance of the Clean Water Industry

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The clean water industry is an essential service that ensures the health of individuals, communities, and the economy. Without this industry, access to clean water would be problematic around the world. As a manufacturer of water pumps, it is our responsibility to provide solutions that enhance clean water applications for years to come.

The Clean Water Industry

Healthy ecosystems are a reflection of the clean water industry. Farming, manufacturing, tourism, and healthy wildlife are all dependent on the ability to access clean water.

Due to this, the Clean Water Act was developed in order to guarantee we are all doing our part to keep our water systems clean. The United States created this act in 1972 in order to guarantee pollutants did not overtake our surface water systems. Some of these bodies of water include wetlands, rivers, and coastal areas. For the Clean Water Act to be effective, it is necessary to have resources to pump the water and keep it clean.

The Role of Water Pumps

Clean water pumps (Figure 1) allow clean and treated water to easily be pumped through an application. This ensures that clean water is going where it should and does not get contaminated in the process. By pumping this water, access is given to individuals for agriculture, safe drinking water, and much more.

Ebara Figure 1 Clean Water Pump Example
Figure 1: Clean Water Pump Example


We all have a responsibility to keep our water sources clean. As a pump manufacturer, we pride ourselves on being a part of an industry that allows us to enhance clean water applications. Our health, communities, and economy are dependent upon working together and advancing these vital technologies.

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