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CFturbo, Inc. Launches Major Software Update

CFturbo, Inc. Launches Major Software Update

CFturbo, Inc. Launches Major Software Update

By: CFturbo

Turbomachinery design software company releases upgraded software

Having the freedom to create and push the limits of design is key to the conceptual design, simulation, and optimization of pumps, blowers, fans, compressors, and turbines. Thanks to CFturbo, Inc.’s new software release, all of this is possible for Turbomachinery designers with any level of expertise.

CFturbo,Inc., a company specializing in Turbomachinery design software and consulting, just announced the new release of their upgraded software, CFturbo 2021.R1. As a result, customers can expect an affordable, accurate, reliable, robust, and user-friendly solution for turbomachinery design needs. The aspect of CFturbo that, unlike any other Turbomachinery design software on the market, CFturbo can be uniquely combined with different CAE-codes of third party vendors like ANSYS, NUMECA, SIEMENS PLM, and SIMERICS, or open-source simulation software.

The new release features a wide range of enhancements and add-ons to current modules. These include an all-new axial compressor module and a more flexible Blade profiles design methodology using variable profile distribution between hub and shroud. For blade properties, a new “simple” airfoil design mode is now available. In addition, under the “main dimensions” section, the initial turbine design according to Balje’s Method has been added. Further improvements cover 3D modeling, display settings, and extended export functions.

“Our release strategy with two new major software versions each year works excellent. Again, we are proud today to present the latest enhancements to CFturbo. It will enable all kinds of engineers – not only rotating machinery experts – to create efficient Turbomachinery components,” says Mr. Ralph Peter Mueller, President of CFturbo, Inc. An intuitive, robust, seamless and interoperable workflow covering Turbomachinery design and high-fidelity 3D-CFD is the crucial factor in reaching that goal.”

About CFturbo:CFturbois headquartered in Dresden, Germany, with a major office in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2008, CFturbo is an industry leader in turbomachinery design software. CFturbo software and Engineering services customers spanning various industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, oil & gas, HVAC, marine, process industry, appliances, and Medtech worldwide. Clients come from large corporations, small and midsize companies, start-ups, and universities, and research organizations.

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