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Sulzer Pumps - CP feed pump for the ebullated bed residue hydrocracking application

12 Sulzer Pumps for Chinese refinery

Local manufacture of high-performance Sulzer pumps provides cost, time and service benefits. Close collaboration between Sulzer specialists in Asia, Europe and the US was…

Sulzer has delivered a state-of-the-art extrusion line for the production of expandable polystyrene

Gearing up for sustainable production

Sulzer supports BEWiSynbra Group’s circular EPS strategy Author: Dorota Zoldosova, Head of Marketing and Communications, Sulzer Chemtech Ltd. Sulzer Chemtech has completed…

Weekend electrical services

Rapid response gets electrical distribution powered up for holiday period Author: Alex Edwards, Marketing & Communications Manager, Rotating raybet 雷竞技 Services, Sulzer Keeping…

The benefits of a new column

Contributor: Dorota Zoldosova, Head of Marketing and Communications, Sulzer Chemtech Ltd. Sulzer GTC helps Croatian refinery to restore its CDU operations Once…

Sulzer expertise in boiler feed pump design

New pumps paid off in two years

Contributor: Dale Jarvis, Business Development Engineer at Sulzer Sulzer replaces 45-year-old boiler feed pumps for cost of refurbishment Power generation plants rely…

Sulzer Air foil bearings offer a cost-effective solution

Magnetic vs air foil bearings

Contributor: Edward Paro, Portfolio Manager, Aeration, Water Business Unit, Pumps raybet 雷竞技 - Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy Finding the best bearing solution…

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