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Rotor Brakes and Discs for Offshore Wind Turbines

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When a massive turbine with a rotor diameter of more than 160 meters required new rotor breaks, the turbine OEM reached out to Stromag to inquire about a robust solution.  This 10-megawatt turbine, which can power close to 6,000 homes, operated in an offshore application.

The manufacturer of the turbine contacted Stromag based on many years of successful collaboration on its smaller sub 10 MW turbines. Stromag engineers worked extensively with the OEM to develop the technical specifications for the new turbine. The Stromag team also collaborated with the OEMs transmission sub-contractor to ensure that the brakes would integrate easily within the generator assembly package.

Ultimately, Stromag Model CB90R rotor brakes and discs were supplied to meet the large wind turbine dynamic and parking brake requirements. It was determined that a configuration of three smaller CB90R brakes acting on a disc was preferred vs a single, larger brake caliper.

Extensive brake testing was performed by Stromag at its test center. Additional testing was conducted by the OEM on a turbine prototype. The brakes utilize a unique organic friction lining material that can maintain desired performance characteristics even with some oil contamination.


  • Hydraulically-applied brakes
    • Parking and low-speed dynamic brake functionality
    • Braking force up to 190 kN
    • Flexible, modular design
    • Quick and easy pad replacement
    • Protection C4-H standard ISO 12944-2

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