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When the dust settled, the perfect pump was chosen.


The lush pasture of the Hawkesbury region has always been a prized place to live in NSW. So it’s no surprise to hear that the land on Gross Vale Road, North Richmond is now being developed.

This re-zoned farmland is fast taking-shape into a bustling community. The busy contractor tasked with handling this vast civil construction project – creating homes for nearly 4000 residents – is responsible for the bulk earthworks, drainage, roadworks, concreting and landscaping.

Then, the homes are built, with some stages of this sprawling development already complete. Early-bird residents are already living the dream. However, with families now living beside ongoing development, it’s a serious challenge. Continuing to move hundreds of tons of sand, earth and other material – as they complete the final stages of this major infrastructure and roadworks project – the contractor must be mindful of the families now living next door.

Helping to keep the peace with the surrounding community.

That’s where AllightSykes stepped in. Installing and commissioning a powerful and reliable pump from our Contractors Range, Stewart Kidd for AllightSykes explained that an “acoustic canopy of the QSCP220i Pump was the starting point when we started the conversation about scope”. That’s because, with many nearby residents raising young families, “the whisper quiet operation of the AllightSykes acoustic covering was an important consideration”.

Even more, with the earthworks continuing over some of the driest summer months ever recorded, “the need for dust suppression was paramount. And as we all know – to effectively quell dust, you need water…. plenty of water” said Stewart.

After exploring on-site watering options, the good news for our client – a leading NSW earthworks contractor – was two-fold. Firstly, the natural topography of this former farm was fully optimised for water catchment, with at least nine dams already on the property. Secondly, they knew exactly who to call when they wanted a quote for the perfect onsite pumping unit.

Samuel Hennessy, AllightSykes NSW Regional Sales Manager, picks up the story. “Our Contractor Range of pumps are versatile all-rounders. For this job, we suggested that the Contractor needed to drive our QSCP220i pump with a turbo-charged 1104C Perkins engine. It’s an excellent combination to cover the full curve power requirements of the pump” said Sam.

After taking delivery of their built-for-purpose machine, the client arranged for the pump to be painted with their distinctive brand livery. Then Sam and Stewart met their Site Manager on location to commission the machine, ensuring it matched performance expectations.

As Stewart proudly told us “We set-up their new pump just how they wanted it. Now it’s ready to deliver water for their entire operations, filling their storage tanks and their water trucks for jobs like dust suppression plus concrete pouring and other general construction duties.”


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