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The importance of your pump suction pipe

AllightPrimax A Sykes CP250i stainless steel, Premium Range (PR) pump used in application for coal mining.
A Sykes CP250i stainless steel, Premium Range (PR) pump used in application for coal mining. Our Sykes PR range is ideally suited for arduous mining applications.

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Safety and efficient practices have always been a priority to us here at AllightSykes. An often overlooked yet important part of a pump hydraulic system is the suction or inlet conditions. Many component failures can be attributed to vortices, cavitation and loss of prime which is often a direct result of a lack of understanding of the importance of a pump suction pipe and how to correctly set one up.

Did you know that a pump does not suck liquids into the suction piping? The automatic priming system lowers the pressure in the pump suction and volute by creating a vacuum, and the atmospheric pressure forces water into the pump.

Any design that restricts the ingress of this liquid will result in increased suction losses thus reducing the pumps suction capability. There have been several cases where a poor design or inadequate set up has actually resulted in physical damage to the pump and its parts. Pump inlet piping should be designed and installed to provide smooth and orderly flow to the pump.

Why a shorter suction line is better?

Keeping your static suction lift and suction hose length to a minimum is the key to ensuring your pump will operate at its optimum efficiency. When pumping liquids, your number one priority should be to transport an optimal volume of fluid over a given period of time, from one point to another, using as little energy as possible.

The more energy-efficient you are, the less strain will be put on your components. When doing so, the cost of running your pump will be reduced as a result. A short and direct suction line also reduces the risk of cavitation.

Looking for advice?

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