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            Industry News

            raybet|raybet 雷竞技

            raybet|raybet 雷竞技

            IPOW Regina Higgins

            Industry Person of the Week- Regina Higgins

            This week’s Industry Person of the Week is Regina Higgins. Regina Regional Sales Manager – Water Utility, Eastern US & Canada at GRUNDFOS.  Regina is also the Empowering Women 2021 […]

            Nominate a Pump Professional

            White Papers

            Pump Comparison: CR & Split-Case Pumps

            Introduction The GRUNDFOS CR pumps have grown into an entire line of state-of-the-art products, constructed with the finest materials. Today, continuous research, testing and innovative design…

            Versatile, Reliable Pumps for Mining, Tunneling, Quarrying and Dust Suppression

            Compact, Seal-less Pumps for Reliable Operation and Long Service Life With more than 40 years of experience serving the extraction industries, including major global companies,…

            Solutions for Industrial Water Reuse

            Water is such a fundamental necessity for life that it is often taken for granted. In modern industrial societies, the water from every tap is…

            Design Optimization of a Centrifugal Compressor [Case Study]

            Conceptual design of a centrifugal compressor R134a Software: CFturbo, integrated into Ansys Workbench One initial design + one manual design variation, “Design2” Mathematical optimization using…

            On Demand Webinars

            KS Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (1)

            raybet & raybet 雷竞技 ’s…

            Bekah Mechtensimer, Director of raybet & raybet 雷竞技 , sits down for a live video chat with two leaders within SMRP, the Society for Maintenance and…

            Leadership sumit on-demand

            Leadership Summit On-demand

            Leadership and Mindset strategies are essential to the growth of our industry. We have pulled together top leaders from the pump & equipment industries to…

            UE webinar Electronic switches (4)

            Electronic Switches – Creating…

            In this 30 minute webinar, Julian Yeo, Product Manager with United Electric Controls discusses the growing demand of electronic switches in industrial applications. Electronic switches…

 Roundtable _ Lead to Order Win! (7)

            raybet Roundtable |…

            In this roundtable, industry expert, Dr. Tryg Dahl, is joined by David Tress and Dana Henriksen of FPX & Intelliquip and raybet & raybet 雷竞技 …

            Industry Events

            SWPA Annual Meeting 2021

            SWPA 2021

            December 09 - The Submersible Wastewater Pump Association (SWPA) is a national trade association representing and serving the manufacturers…

            TPS 2021


            December 14 - 50TH Turbomachinery & 37TH International Pump Users Symposia (TPS 2021) TPS is a vital industry event,…

            Groundwater Week 2021


            December 14 - Navigate the future of the industry this December at Groundwater Week! Join with thousands of groundwater…

            Building Your Personal Leadership Brand at…

            Building Your Personal Leadership Brand at TPS (1)

            December 15 - Join us for Charli K. Matthews' presentation Building Your Personal Leadership Brand at the 50th Turbomachinery…

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